All I Want for my Birthday...

For my birthday, two good friends invited me on an all-expense paid cruise. I had a wonderful time enjoying all the sights, sounds, and of course the tastes. However, the most rewarding part of my trip was the return home to my cookies, who greeted me with chocolate cake, warm smiles and hearty hugs! It was obvious that I had been missed. Little do they know I missed them just as much!

I say that to say this: The Cookies are a valuable part of my life and supporting them in their struggle to win with the hand that society has dealt them, is my passion and the sole purpose of Mama Hill’s Help. Although we are their biggest advocate, “no man is an island” and it is impossible for me to sustain these lives on my own, which is why I am seeking donations. Your contribution can be $1 or $1,000. Let’s not get caught up on how much you give but that you do give. Supporting MHH is not just supporting a program, it’s supporting lives.

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