Lost and Found Cookies

Cleopatra came to Mama Hill's Help in 2007, and during her first visit, she said to Mama that she had "found an angel." Cleopatra is an extraordinary young lady. She's very intelligent, well spoken, and wise beyond her years. Mama says that she has a good spirit and an old soul. We all fell in love with Cleopatra very quickly. We soon came to learn that Cleopatra's biological parent was being physically and emotionally abusive and neglecting to care for Cleopatra and her little brother, Antonio. Eventually this had to be reported, and the children were placed in a relative's home one block away from Mama Hiil's Help, but their situation did not improve.

Their new caretaker was also abusive, and refused to let them visit MamaHill's Help anymore. Cleopatra had an opportunity to live elsewhere and escape the abuse, but she refused to leave her brother behind. Finally, the abuse was discovered and the children were placed in an orphanage. Cleopatra immediately called Mama Hill once she was free from that house, and asked Mama to help her and her brother to get adopted.

Enter Gary and Nancy, who had previously tried to rescue Cleopatra and her brother before they were placed with another relative, but were denied custody. When they heard that the children were available for adoption, they immediately initiated procedures to adopt both of them.

The children recently came to visit Mama Hill, and had a reunion with Nancy and Gary. It was such a beautiful day. Cleopatra and Antonio are still the same wonderful, bright eyed and loving children they were when we met them eight years ago, despite all of the trauma they've experienced in their lives.

We are very blessed to have our Cookies back. It's a miracle! Please send us your prayers and support to ensure that Cleopatra and Antonio's adoption goes through so that they can live in a loving home with Gary and Nancy, where they will be safe and happy.

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