Growing by Leaps and Bounds

"A child is born with a heart of gold, then the waves of the world turn that child's heart cold." - Earth, Wind and Fire

This is what I see happen in my children. No child comes into the world wih beady eyes and a gun. Children are born pure and innocent and then something happens to change them. Our philisophy is that you cannot ask a child to pick up a pencil and learn until you treat the whole child. I investigate each child to determine where they need our help. Do they need love and attention? Do they need food and clothes? Do they need more confidence? Then we build their academics strategically around each child's needs.

What we do here is working. Children who came to us unable to sit through a 30 minute lesson are now focused and engaged throughout our one-hour tutoring sessions and classes.

The Cookies are very enthusiastic about participating in our speed reading, math classes, and study groups. However, we recently had a change in staff, as our beloved Darryl Tillman has taken a brief hiatus to deal with a family emergency. He will be missed. Taking over the class will be Sue Egan and Alison Haughton accompanied by Meredith Montiel and Scott Shuler. Smaller children are read to by students and volunteer staff. We look forward to having more great Tuesday and Wednesday sessions. Thanks volunteer staff. You rock!

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